Comodo installation under W2K

I have several w2ksp4 (french) machines behind an ethernet router, each with 2 harddisks, several partitions, but a single OS.

I am logged as Administrator on every machine.

As i understand version 3 won’t work, i downloaded CPF 2.4 from your website (English-French,

I desinstalled kerio from one of the machines, unpluggeg the ethernet wire, and started the CPF installation on a single machine.

It asks me for the license agreement, the path, starts the installation, and aborts it with a pop-up window telling me “impossible to copy msxml3.dll to system32” (\system32 lies under D:\WINNT), or something like that.

What’s the trick?

I had really liked to try Comodo, but i precedently wrote i could not.

You are not very reactive; on the other side, and although it does not exactly work as i wish, Online Armor team are really trying to do the job.

What am i supposed to conclude?

well, i like speaking to myself, but the information could nevertheless be useful for anyone in the same situation:
Under win 2000, english Comodo 2.4 version installs well, whereas french one does not.