Comodo installation nightmare

I have used comodo 2 on two of my machines for a while. I tried online armor free and did not care for it and uninstalled it on an hp laptop running xp pro sp2.

I d/l comodo pro 3 just now and ran the installation. I have avast 4.8 free on this laptop and turned off all processes prior to the comodo installation.

After the comodo install, the laptop was rebooted as requested. It then popped up with these errors:

error 4 0x17 - failed to extract c:\documents and settings\NAME\application data\comodo\fiirewall pro\data\res files\specialgroupexpand.png

error while extracting resources from c:\program files\comodo\firewall\cfpress.dll. Aborting Application.

After looking the in the folder listed above ending in data, I found that the last file is anme small frame caption siziing. There are NO other files listed after that.

Due to this error I can not UNINSTALL nor REINSTALL the comodo firewall. The uninstall stops with this error.

I would appreciate some help to clean this up. I’m in an endless loop at this time. Thanks.

Hey chracing & Welcome to the forums!

First, run this tool & Reboot. The Tool is located at the bottom of the page. Pretty straight forward stuff. Then download a fresh CFP 3 copy from Comodo’s website.

Be sure you’re downloading the right 32/64 bit version too.



Thanks for the quick reply. I actually found my way to that thread and just finished the MANUAL install. What a job!! I wonder what may have caused the corrupted install? I never had any difficulty with #2 nor online armor for that matter. I think I’ll give it a try again in a day or two. Again, thanks for the quick reply. Cody

No problem. It was probably a security conflict on your PC you may have running, That is normally the average case. Also download managers can corrupt downloads & installations. Not assuming you use a Download Manager, etc.

Anyway, I will close this thread. If you need further help with any issues, Please start a new thread.