Comodo in Facebook! :) ..check it out

pls do check us and share with your friends


i saw comodo on facebook and thought it was great.
ive since recommended comodo products to about 40 people in my local town and 15 are so far going to use comodo products.

■■■■ good result i thought.

many kind regards to you. :ilovecomodo:

You are a star Darren! Thank you very much! We really appreciate it.
those 15 people will now be secure, thanks to you!


hi melih.

you are most welcome. (:WAV)

I hate facebook!

I can’t say that I hate it, but I’ve never made an account there. I just don’t see the point. :slight_smile:

My Brother in law dislikes facebook too. he doesn’t see the point either, but were all different. :slight_smile:


Facebook is for kids and idiots , its notorious for being hacked and virus links sent and although i use the free comodo internet security suite i resent the fact that when i open comodo i get a ■■■■ popup about facebook , if you like it you have it , i dont and i dont want the dam pop up either , its as annoying as the old porn ones on freeview and just annoys the ■■■■ out of me , where is the box i can tick that says i dont want the sh1te or join the ■■■■ site , full of idiots like that other ■■■■ twitter , pissing me off lol

More → Preferences. Uncheck Enable Comodo Message Center.

Thankyou HeffeD .

thank your HeffoD

Very nice! I like the Facebook page!

I (BUY) my OS windows 7 from my computer sale and service, I know this man 17 years, very GOOD, the gentle man DAD had a stroke in London, so he went, Emergency, left another guy, he dose not wont to inter fair into the man/ Dialog/ Now I rebuild my machine, and Microsoft wont activate my machine, with even the store, have company (Licensed) to installed/ sale, and resale, Microsoft is saying that the Product, is out dated. ( my God) 2009 is out dated, em-possible, I see the Guy emailing MS with my own eyes, Now can any one help me with this pop up? it is so stupid! (it’s only the stupid pop up) Microsoft should be in prison, death row, as Black, the both of them is criminal’s ) I am 71 and they still gang up/ help thanks ! again, IT’S ONLY THE POP UP*** Merry Christmas Jeffrey

Face book is for the one’s who still toilet training, and love virus ( I would rather have my mother in law over drunk and pass out, as much as I would like (her) that to be at the bottom of the ocean O0

I use Facebook to spy on other people. Don’t tell me to get a life 'cause I couldn’t find one. 88)

I use facebook to keep up with the friends i had in my childhood/teenage years (Still 19)

I dont think so that I need to share about Comodo… because its very well know product about its security… even though i will share about Comodo in my facebook account… i just want to share one info here regarding Comodo that I recommended about it to so many peoples who knows me and the major thing is that so many of them are using Comodo IS on their systems… i really like Comodo IS so so much… thanks Comodo for making us secure…

i have updated commodo now i keep geting find us on face book pop up had live support remove it but now get your antivirus is up to date keep coming up how often do it check if im up to date have had it 3 times in 2 hours?

FacebookRumours put to type:- you can destroy someone’s life with a single comment.

You can disable this

Open CIS > More > Settings/Prefrences > Display Comodo message center uncheck this

Hope this helps


ok done hope it works