Comodo IDS - Possible conflicts other IDS progs. ?

I am thinking of installing the paid version of a2 (a squared)
which has an IDS enabling option called background guard.
Would this in any way interfere with CFP’s intrusion detection ?

Would a2 be superfluous ?

Depends on which version of CFP you’re talking about.

I recently read a post by another user who has a2 antimalware with some obvious IDS/HIPS-type of abilities, being used in place of CAVS, in conjunction with CFP 2.4.

So if it’s 2.4, then it may not be a problem. Keep in mind, though, that some systems behave differently, for various reasons; it may work on one but cause problems on another. Case in point, I know there are a lot of people using Prevx with CFP without any problems, but when I tried the combo, it completely froze my system.

If you’re looking at v3 of the firewall, then not only would there probably be conflicts, it would also most likely be very redundant and superfluous.


Thanks for that info LM. I will probably stick with AVG Antispyware (AVGAS)
which runs nicely with CFP 2.4 and NOD32.