Comodo icon not showing in tray on boot up

I decided in the end to update to Comodo 4.1 and the installation seemed to go OK, and with two reboots and a few pop up boxes to allow everything worked well.

However on boot up the Firewall icon does not appear in the tray on boot up.
Checking Windows Security centre shows Comodo Firewall working.

Checking Task Manager shows cmdagent.exe running but not cfp.exe.
If I then launch the Comodo box cfp.exe then appears in the Task Manager and the icon appears in the tray. Everything stays there after this.

Is this a faulty install; I hope not. It was updated from 3.14.

Any ideas how to cure this; not that worried about the icon but is the firewall running OK without cfp in the task manager?

Running Windows XP pro SP3.



Think I may have cured it; Comodo was disabled in Start up list. Not sure how that got turned off; not me.

Just rebooting to check.

Success. Enabling ‘cfp -h’ in the Start List (I use Winpatrol to monitor Start up list) cured the problem.

However I would like to know what cfp actually does; does it just put the icon in the tray or does it stop the Firewall running if it doesn’t run?

Does cmdagent actually launch the Firewall?



Cmdagent is the service

Cfp is the gui


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Thanks Dennis; I rather thought that may be the case.