Comodo Icon Not displayed

After a recent Update, CIS does not display its icon in the tray of Windows 7. It was fine until a few days ago.
CFP.EXE is a running process. Icon notification area says it is set for notifications and icons, but says it is not available to display.
Not sure what happened. If I run cfp.exe manually again, everything works fine. I cannot find a ‘start with windows’ option in the configuration so it must start automatically.
The entry has the -h switch. What does that do?

Are you on a 64 bits version of Win 7?

Yes. Apologies. Should have mentioned that. Product Version 5.10. 228257.2253

That’s a bug that has been reported before.

Thanks. Here’s hoping they fix it in the next update. Do you know if Comodo is working correctly even though the icon is not displayed? The process seems to be running.

I removed the -h parameter and rebooted. Comodo does start as the config screen now displays after startup. I closed that screen but the icon is not displayed. So it has started and seems to be operational.