Comodo icon in tray on taskbar missing

The Comodo icon in the tray on the windows XP taskbar (bottom of screen) is suddenly missing. If I bring up notifications, I can see a folder under past items labeled Comodo.

I like to check this icon and the red and green checkmaks indicating incoming/outgoing traffic, as a continuing indication that Comodo is working. Its the best “quick” indication of things working OK, in my opinion, of any firewall.

Is there any way to get this Comodo icon visible in the tray again without reinstalling Comodo?

Thanks for any help you can provide. :-\

Have you tried just opening the GUI from the desktop shortcut again?

Yes, and that brings it up OK, I forgot to tell you that. But I wanted it to do so automatically when I startup. I looked at my startup programs configuration (using msconfig) but it is not shown there.

I see I am not the only person with this problem… and yes it “just” suddenly ceased to show up … both version 3.14 and v4 (.799) … no amount of wiping and clean install fixes the issue… and there is nothing wrong with my hardware etc … I ran diagnostics til I was blue in the face and I even invented a few terms that would make a navy seal blush…

I am back to the point where either comodo shows in the tray or my ATI icon shows in the tray… they seem to be fighting each other… but there is no reason for it. … very confused!

Do you see cfp.exe in the task manager when the icon is missing?

It’s an XP related issue that is kind of hard to tackle: How To: Fix Missing System Tray Icons at Windows XP startup .

i’ve had this on some of my older xp comps and i found a fix in this place, quite easy to fix really, after it was set and rebooted ALL the old icons showed up and has ever since.

it has something to do with the SSDP Discovery Service, when disabled it just works.

btw these sites seem to be somewhat similair but the one i suggest seems easier to follow and more or less straight to what’s needed.