Comodo Icon Has Disappeared

I clicked on Anti-Virus to check for available updates. There were, so I downloaded those updates. I also clicked on ‘More’ and checked for updates again. There were, so I downloaded those updates.
The second batch of updates were different to what I’m used to but I thought I should let it run nevertheless.
After the downloads were completed I was asked to restart my PC. I did so.
After the re-start I noticed that my Comodo Icon has disappeared from my Task-Bar.
I clicked on Start-All Programs-Comodo- Comodo Internet Security.
A small window appeared which I’m not familiar with which said ‘Needs Attention’.
When I clicked on that a new window appeared also one I haven’t seen before which bore the name Comodo. This window began to scan my PC.
Can someone please tell me what has happened here ?
It seems I have downloaded a new Comodo or my old Comodo has been wiped out by something sinister. Where did the original Comodo Icon on my Task-Bar go to ?
Now, to access Comodo (if it even is Comodo) I have to go to Start-All Programs-Comodo.
What is going on here ?
Plese help.
My O.S. is Windows XP and it’s the free version of Comodo I have, or had.

Sounds like the XP tray bug.

I don’t even know what that is.
So what you’re saying is that Comodo hasn’t changed it’s look ?

Hi Wallace1297,
XP sometimes has a bug with tray notifications after updates.
The instructions in following link will usually solve the issue.
How do I clear past items from the Customize Notifications dialog box in Windows XP?-Microsoft Support

Kind regards.

As I tried to tell you I don’t know what a ‘tray notification’ is. What I need to know is, is this ‘new look’ Comodo genuine and for real and how do I get the Comodo icon back on my taskbar ?
I tried your fix suggestion but all it led me to was Microsoft Fix-it, which I don’t like because when I tried to use this I got nowhere. I tried again which involved downloading and installing Microsoft Fix-it and once downloaded it just disappeared to somewhere on my computer. I’ve no idea where it went. ???!!! I got as far as having to register with Microsoft Support and that’s when I gave up.
There must be an easier way.
What if I removed everything to do with Comodo from my PC and then downloaded and installed Comodo again ?
Microsoft Support seem to think that it could be a virus.

Hi Wallace1297,
Windows Taskbar consists of the quick launch bar on the left and the notification area icons on the right.
The ‘Notification Area Icons’ are also known as ‘Tray Icons’.

In XP these icons sometimes become corrupt during program updates when the physical state of the icon changes.
To fix this it is necessary to delete the past items in the notification area (Tray Icon).
If the ‘Mr Fixit’ fails to run, the link I posted does have a manual registry edit solution.
This can also be done using 3rd party programs like CCleaner.
How To Delete Old Notification Icons From System Tray-Windows Forum

In regards to the new look CIS (Yes it has changed a lot in recent releases), it is probably a good idea to familiarize yourself using the help file.
Introduction to Comodo Internet Security-Comodo Help

I hope that helps.

Thanks. Everything seems back to normal now.

Good to hear. :-TU