Comodo Icon Has Disappeared

I clicked on Anti-Virus to check for available updates. There were, so I downloaded those updates. I also clicked on ‘More’ and checked for updates again. There were, so I downloaded those updates.
The second batch of updates were different to what I’m used to but I thought I should let it run nevertheless.
After the downloads were completed I was asked to restart my PC. I did so.
After the re-start I noticed that my Comodo Icon has disappeared from my Task-Bar.
I clicked on Start-All Programs-Comodo- Comodo Internet Security.
A small window appeared which I’m not familiar with which said ‘Needs Attention’.
When I clicked on that a new window appeared also one I haven’t seen before which bore the name Comodo. This window began to scan my PC.
Can someone please tell me what has happened here ?
It seems I have downloaded a new Comodo or my old Comodo has been wiped out by something sinister. Where did the original Comodo Icon on my Task-Bar go to ?
Now, to access Comodo (if it even is Comodo) I have to go to Start-All Programs-Comodo.
What is going on here ?
Plese help.
My O.S. is Windows XP and it’s the free version of Comodo I have, or had.

Does restarting your computer help bring it back?

No it doesn’t.
I uninstalled Comodo and then re-installed and it seems that Comodo does indeed have a ‘new look.’
Strange that no-one here knew this.
Icon is back on my taskbar.