Comodo IceDragon Browser crashes in Sandboxie

I have been using the Comodo Dragon browser, and it has worked fine particulary in Sandboxie. Now that I have discovered the new Comodo IceDragon (Version, thought I’d give that a go. The browser does not have a default setting for browser applications in Sandboxie, so I tested it to run Sandboxie and with the program added in forced start. Both times and in Youtube, it tends to crash!. What I can’t understand it is that the settings are set in par with Firefox, as well as Dragon, and all work fine except IceDragon. I Googled and found tips e.g. untick Malware to DNS etc, untick Java (via options) all with the same crash and ‘blue screen of death’ e.g. in Youtube. I have Windows 7 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2012. Is this a bug, or is there a fix I can’t see or do anything to resolve this? Help! ??? [23Oct2012]


Please remove IceDragon from “Forced Programs” and run the browser in Sandboxie from the Windows shell.
If the crashes still occur try running IceDragon outside the sandbox.

Thank you.

Thank you for your reply. I even tried both options and it it still crashes in Youtube (especially when I type IceDragon browser and select the link Comodo IceDragon Internet Browser Review - YouTube, when it crashes and I get the BSOD. This problem does not happen with the normal Dragon browser, or normal Firefox. I want to be able to surf Sandboxie and have done so with Dragon, Firefox and Chrome with no issues. The only exception is that Explorer also crashes and so I am inclined not to use that for daily surfing excepting sites that require its use which are considered safe. I shall try Sandboxie if they can help as well. I hope you guys can fix this quick, otherwise it would be a shame and disappointing to say the least with the only option to switch its use until that happens.

I have since discovered the cause of the BSOD was due to WinFLdrv.sys which is part of the Folder Lock version 6.6.5 I have been using. After much consideration and deliberation, I completely uninstalled the Folder Lock 6.6.5 (after recovering the contents of, thankfully, only a few locked folders). I re-tested the Comodo IceDragon (same version in Sandboxie and visiting the same Youtube video, and hey presto no more BSOD nor crashes! I had the Folder Lock 6.6.5 in XP, and after transfer to Win 7, all seemed fine until the current episode. I have resorted to an alternative and free method of encryption and locking. Folder Lock also has too many updates and looking at the forums and reviews on the net not highly rated. Thought I’d share this experience with the users of your product.[28Oct2012]