Comodo IceDragon released

Comodo has released IceDragon v

What’s new?

You can download the latest version here:

File Hashes:
MD5: CECBB3DEA01121BB9BF6A4207646797F
SHA-1: 693FBA0FB710712F32B9D2CABE75896AB05E3E9E

Congratulations with the release. :slight_smile:

Comodo has not officially announced the release nor has it published release notes. I started a release topic for a practical reason: to have a place to discuss the new release. Comodo can update the topic start when release notes become available.

It’s been a few weeks since Firefox 49.0.1 was released. When is Ice Dragon gonna get the update to 49.0.1?

when its ready

Version 49.0.0. is released.