comodo ice dragon upgrade

hello how do i check for ice dragon upgrade or is it done automatically is there a upgrade due many thanks and best wishjes paul

Please read the help content : Configure IceDragon Updates - Comodo IceDragon | Web Browser & Internet Solutions


I recommend that the option to update / upgrade plug-ins / Mozilla-technology-browsers be set to notify updates available.

First off, some plug-in / extension updates can break the GUI - at best - due to incompatibility with other plug-in / extensions. At worst you’ll encounter prollems that will necessitate extensive dx / troubleshooting that may well entail complete re-install.

For that reason, it is recommended that prior update of any kind performing a profile backup. WARNING: SPAM ALERT! For that purpose I heartily endorse FEBE and ensure that a copy of FEBE is exported with the profile; it allows install of FEBE into a fresh browser install which will then allow importing the complete profile; newer version of FEBE won’t install profile made with older version of FEBE. END SPAM ALERT WARNING.

This allows the user the option to selectively update each extension / plug-in singularly to establish which one(s) are breaking the browser.

Also, its recommended to have a ‘backdoor’ into the browser, i.e., an alternate profile that can be loaded, i.e., default or at most barebone w/ only absolutely essential plug-in / extensions installed. Use ‘firefox -p’ launch code to get the launch-toggle menu. That’s a handy command to have retained in ‘run’ history. Obviously the salient command would be ‘icedragon -p’, but the issue is germane to any Mozilla-technology-browser.