Comodo Ice Dragon Name Servers Resolving to Wrong Domain

The strangest thing. IceDragon is resolving a website to a generic Search page instead of the actual website. The website is SurviveandThrive.TV. The page it goes to is a generic search page stating the domain name is expired, with a “click here to renew” link. But of course, the domain is NOT expired at ALL.

If you go to, you can see the correct, real, authentic, non-expired website. BUT, if you use Comodo IceDragon, you go to a “domain-expired” page with search links.

What’s going on? Could Comodo’s protected name servers have domain name info that’s many months old? Craziness… Thanks…

The browsing page html:

<frame src="">
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Seems fine here, with or without Comodo DNS. Have you tried clearing the cache?

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Hey Radaghast -

Wow, that’s amazing. Check out the page I get with Comodo IceDragon - any clue??

(And yes, definitely emptied cache.)

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Think we may have discovered the problem… could be a zone file/personalized name server non-match. We’ll see.Thanks Radaghast for checking it out - much appreciated.