comodo Ice dragon crashes all the time

Every time I try to navigate to a defferent website cid crashes. reinstallation has not worked.

Thats a little exagerated. More about 60% of the websites. It will load the forums google, and downloads fine. But crashes when loading youtube, yahoo, and may other websites

Can you please tell me what IceDragon version do you have installed? We had a similar issue in a previous version with sites that send requests on multiple domains. If your running the latest IceDragon (which is 15.0.2 ), please uncheck ‘Enable malware domain filtring’ from Options/Advanced/General tab and see if the issue is still occuring.
Thank you.

tried it. still crashes. Had previous verion 14. even with current version. Still crashes most of the time.

fixed it!!!. It was java script. Had to uncheck. all is well now. thanks for the help though.