Comodo Ice Dragon and modern webpages view. Wrong displaying.

There is a problem with Comodo Ice Dragon 26.0.2 version. Check displaying same webpage of on other browser than Comodo Ice Dragon (newest 26.0 version) like Mozilla Firefox (version 33.0). There is a huge difference. Comodo Ice Dragon displays webpage in basic kind of view with a lot of information missing, where new Firefox 33.0 version displays it properly with extended GUI.

Operating System: Windows 8, 64-bit;
Security Software Installed : Comodo Internet Security Premium;]
what to do: Try to release new version of Comodo IceDragon to eliminate the problem of “poor” limited, basic webpages view.

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Because it needs an update, badly.
@Shane, said in the somewhere of forum. He will hire developers for IceDragon then they will develop it and will released it.
In my opinion, it will take one year (regular Comodo browser update)

Oh, the wonderful world of browser sniffing.:wink: Try changing the user agent and access the web site again. It just may work.