COMODO Https Enforcement Extension

Hello, guys.

Is it possible to automatically block all non-secure (HTTP) requests from all websites with the Https Enforcement extension which is included with Chromodo browser? If yes, can someone tell me how, please?


If I understand your question rightly, the answer is no.

The feature Block all HTTP requests in HTTPS Everywhere seems to be what you are looking for.

You do obviously understand what i mean, and HTTPS Everywhere is exactly what i’m looking for.

Thanks for pointing me to that extension, JoWa.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

You may also be interested in one of these commands:

“By default, an https page can load images, fonts or frames from an http page. This switch overrides this to block this lesser mixed-content problem.”

“Blocks all insecure requests from secure contexts, and prevents the user from overriding that decision.”

“Enables a number of potentially annoying security features (strict mixed content mode, powerful feature restrictions, etc.)”

I use --enable-strict-mixed-content-checking.

Copied and saved. I will try those commands later. Thanks.

I’m also still looking for the following two commands, so that i can reduce the need of using external extensions while browsing the web with Chromodo:

  1. A command to activate a new tab automatically.
    This is an option which i can find in Slimjet, but i’m not keen to use Slimjet, and neither Opera.

  2. A command to replace the standard new tab page with a blank page.
    Again, Slimjet got this option and Opera accepts the command “–disable-preload-startpage” to prevent those annoying website thumbnails from (pre)loading.

Any suggestions?

I don’t know about 1., but did you try to set about:blank as startpage?