Comodo HLP file found missing during recent Avast upgrade

Hi all:

I recently manuall checked for an Avast program update. About half way through the update, I got a message that Program files/Comodo/Firewall/CPF>HLP file was not found. I was asked if I wanted to find it myself. I clicked yes but it was not located under windows explorer. I clicked cancel and the Avast download finished and installed. I don’t know why Avast would have triggered this message or perhaps Comodo was trying to display a help message to me at the same time by coincidence.

What happened to my HLP file? Do I need to uninstall Comodo using control panel/uninstall programs and then re-install the whole program or can I find this HLP file somewhere?

By the way, I thought there was a new version of Comodo that was due out a long time ago yet every time I click on “updater”, it says there are no updates.

Thanks for any help.

Anyone care to take a shot at answering this?

Thank you.

If you launch the firewall from the systray icon and then hit F1, what happens?

What version do you use now?

Thanks for the replies. In answer to your questions…

  1. Version and database version 3.0
  2. When I hit F1 after launching from system tray, a window comes up “firewall pro help”. I can click on topics to learn about them.

I guess this means the help file is still there? How come it does not display under windows explorer as I described in my original post?

Open the Windows Search utility, type: *.hlp and click Search. If you don’t see any results, go to My Computer → Tools → Folder Options → View, checkmark “Show Hidden Files & Folders” and remove the checkmark from “Hide file extensions for known file types”. Apply/OK in the usual way and then see if you can get the help file to display as you described in your original post.