Comodo hits back at Apple for Mac vs PC...



Lol. That’s awesome. :-TU

I was wondering about that, exactly. How could Macs claim to be free of technical problems, like they’re built in some kind of magical laboratory by elves.

:smiley: Melih. Awesome indeed.

PS empyr, I don’t think they’re elves, the cases are very small… pixies maybe? :wink:

oh, but elves are wise and have magical artifacts

lol love it. ;D

I could not have said it any better.

Well done Melih

I like it.


Thanks guys!

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This explains what we do in simple terms…

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I’d say those apple guy’s and girl’s should program a little less “graphical” (useless) features in their OS and start reading about security a bit more :wink:

I had a demo lately with all kinds of thing you can do with it, that you will NEVER ever use or that will bring anything more than … ohh that’s nice… but what can i gain from it ? Will i use that in my day to day work ?
A graphical thing here, one there… I’m not saying it’s all ■■■■ but to me it looks like they had to much time on their hands programming “useless” stuff in there…

So that’s how it is. A number of years ago, a guy was telling me how a Mac never ever crashes, or even if it does crash, it will still give you options on what to do. Back in the days of Win98, that was impressive as hell to me, but, come to think of it, I can’t remember the last time my WinXP has crashed. Maybe it did, but it was never serious or really aggravating.

man, I forgot to do that, yesterday. I was on u2start all day, how could I forget?!
Anyway, I put this thread in my notification list, where I should see it all the time. Bumping this topic up also helps. I don’t know if you want to make it a sticky thread, though, b/c you have quite a few in this sub forum, and that might not garner enough attention.

nice… good video :-TU

Enjoyed the video, but again wondered is Comodo considering looking at adding Apple to OS that they will provide security protection for in the future.

    Oh empyr,  back in the late 80's early 90's if a MAC crashed you just removed and reinstalled the bios battery and the software was reset, no uninstalling, reinstalling or formatting.  Back then the OS software was on a chip


Its in our Roadmap UncleDoug… we will add protection for Macs…they need it :wink:


;D Love it. I am sending this to some of my MAC friends. LOL

that sure sounds cool
alas, I gather, it’s no longer the case