Comodo hips with threatfire?

My question is… can I put threatfire even if I have CIS?

Thanks for your ansers! :SMLR

Hey Bobi… If you use Defense+ you won’t need threat fire. Defense+ is a fully blown HIPS where as threatfire is a behaviour based HIPS. If your comfortable with Defense+ then you will not need Threat fire (and you will be more secure) but if you aren’t comfortable you can use threatfire (being less secure)

You can use both of them together but there is very little point in doing that, if anything you will increase the pop-ups!

OK thanks! :SMLR (:WIN) :■■■■

I will not installe threatfire!

Just a little note to anyone using threatfire just remember they have been bought out by Norton so I doubt they will stay free much longer… 88)

I’d say that running Threatfire and Defence+ together is unnecessary for experienced users able to make the correct determinations of the D+ popups.However for less advanced users TF adds a safety net against wrong choices since it is an intelligent behaviour blocker.

Just a little note to anyone using threatfire just remember they have been bought out by Norton so I doubt they will stay free much longer… Roll Eyes

that being said their destiny is to become even more of a bloatware provider!..if you have never done so…please do…on a machine that is not for production uninstall any security that you have and install all the freeware from PCTools…thier free firewall, free antivirus, free threatfire and free starter edition of spyware doctor…if you do this you will notice something strange…very strange…all of a sudden you will think that you have reverted back to 91 where everything was dial up… (:LGH) :■■■■

Yeah, PC Tools is bloat. 88)

ThreatFire doesn’t compare to Defense+, In any angle! Security, Memory Usage and all. Many people have dropped ThreatFire and have switched to good HIPS such as Defense+ it self in CIS, Where CIS also gives you the triple-layered security architecture Prevention, Detection & Cure. - Firewall, Defense+ & AntiVirus.

ThreatFire doesn’t offer that.


Once CIS works out some of the kinks (chattiness, improved scanning, etc.) it will be more understandable to the ‘lay’ man and be accepted mainstream…it will be one tough SOB!.. (R)

You’re right on that!!!

I don’t know, and honestly don’t care, if everyone is ditching it. Personally, I dislike everything from PC Tools. That’s just my opinion.

As a companion to D+, I keep Haute Secure, which is a mix of bad sites blocker, hips and behavior blocker, and it does a very great job out of the box and if a user knows how to tweak it, it will offer even a greater deal of security. The only side down, is that, it only works with Firefox and IE7 and not with Opera.

I just hope that whenever it comes to the final release, it will still be a free application. It is still in beta stage, but a very stable version. More than many other final releases of other security tools.

HUGE Usability for CIS going on right now! :slight_smile:


I might have to stay with an “old” version of CIS cause I kinda like the pop-ups (:NRD) haha

I don’t mind the pop ups but when i get 10+ popups for the same app that is accessing different areas of the computer i get annoyed…it should be smart technology that realizes that one app might have “fingers” that simultaneously navigate the system. That is why this next evolution of CIS is so pivotal because you want to keep it so that you do not lose security for ease of use but also want to make it more ‘easy to navigate’… :wink:

The Haute Secure technology is already integrated into Opera,no need for a separate installation.