COMODO HIPS/Sandbox vs. Loggers???

Hi.Why COMODO HIPS and Sandbox can’t block Loggers.I tried different configs with no success.
COMODO can’t block Spyshelter AntiTest and Zemana Keylogger Test.
Is there any additional settings ??
I tried Agnitum Outpost and it can block all except some Screenshot Tests.

You have windows 8.x?

No,Windows 7 x64 Ultimate , Service Pack 1 .

Disable sandbox, enable HIPS for the extended protection and test again.
Let me know if helped.

I Disabled Sandbox and Set HIPS to Paranoid.
COMODO Blocks All Spyshelter Tests Even The Screenshot Tests That Agnitum Outpost Can’t Block.
But Zemana Keylogger Test Can Log Without Any Question By HIPS.

Ok, test again without internet connection, please.
Browse through the list of trusted files and search zemany, if trusted transfer to unrecognized. Turn off sandbox.

There is no entry related to the Keylogger Test File in Trusted Files section.
Also I removed Zemana Ltd. from Trusted Vendors.
But same result again : No request by HIPS and it can log.

I have this information:

Comodo shall protect against access to the keyboard only for applications that look like logger - ie. They are hidden. Those that have a visible and active field for text input will not necessarily be blocked (because it will be such. Secure applications such as text editors, etc..). It is quite complicated, but we were reassured that everything works as it should and the CIS should deal with typical real-keylogger.

Your logic makes sense. :-TU