Comodo HIPS freezes PC when fullscreen applications start (Windows 10, + others)

When you have HIPS enabled and you start a fullscreen application, you may get a HIPS alert, which you cannot see or click on since the screen is in fullscreen mode. Instead, you get a black screen that you cannot do anything on (no Ctrl+Alt+Del, no Ctrl+Shift+Esc, no Alt+Tab or Win+D), forcing you to restart your computer with the power button.

The workarounds are highly inconvenient:

  1. Set Comodo to game mode: You may forget to do this, or you may forget to turn it off afterwards, meaning you don’t get any alerts.
  2. Set alerts to show up for a limited time: I don’t want alerts sneaking past me while I’m not on the computer, or to go away while I am looking up what it’s about.

If nothing else, can you implement a global hotkey to accept/deny alerts? Though I am not sure if it would work, seeing as any commands given when Comodo freezes the computer are unresponsive.

It’s been at least 8 years since this issue has been around:
Can Comodo please get around to finally fixing this issue?