comodo HIPS/defence+ freezing closing system

when i have enabled comodo hips
my system windows 7 closing 1-2minute, normally few seconds

i think there is posibility hips wish to tell me something to confirm
but on close system no see any info,
cause program also closing but still monitor system

what can i do to solve that?

You have enabled hips if you are running in Safe Mode this should not cause any problems.

i wish to use maximal safe

i did smaller time ask windows of defence+
now system closing faster

that confirm, defence+ doing that delay
& there is ask to user answer, but user dont see it

how can i check what defence+ delaying on system close?

I am seeing this problem as well.

If I reduce HIPS below ‘safe’ mode then my PC shuts down normally, but on ‘safe’ mode, it hangs for several minutes before shutting down.

I have found a way to replicate this (that works on my PC anyway).
Note: I do not use the trusted vendors, nor do I have cloud analysis enabled. I do have ‘enhanced protection’ enabled (running Win7 64 bit)

With safe mode activated, go to the HIPS settings and remove the ‘Do NOT show popup alerts’ setting. The system will then hang at logoff for a multiple of the amount of time set in ‘Set new on-screen alert timeout to’ (indicating one or more alerts being displayed).

There are no log entries concerning the alert that is being displayed at the point of logoff and the event log does not give any clues as to which process has stalled either.