COMODO Hipps not announce run exe files

before comodo always asking me when an unknown exe file is run from the desktop, comodo gave a message that such-that (any) is unknown program tries to connect to the COM interface! Proactive Defense settings were such (see photo) and then put Kaspersky Anti-Virus without any firewall. system began to hang out and I removed Kaspersky, now under the same settings, no warning. kamodo not notify the proactive defense alert! Kamod already reinstalled with a complete cleaning of the registry may not help … Kaspersky disrupted any hidden drivers COMODO is now correct?

ps sorry the text is translated machine translator

First make sure the Kaspersky program is properly uninstalled. Get the Kaspersky removal tool from here: ESET Knowledgebase . Let it run and see what happens.

The unknown program may have been analysed by Comodo and found safe.

But first let’s see what removing KAV does.