comodo help

You are not looking in the right place. Click on Action Center; there is a link at the left bottom of the screen.

i seen but wat to click in acion center.see screen shot plz.

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Click on Change Action Center Settings. Enable the action center message you want to be notified about. I think the notification for AV and firewall are switched off.

all notifications are enabled already.

i switched off windows firewall.i want to switch on comodo firewall. comodo firewall is not inside action cener.i cant able to know that comodo firewall is on or off

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You need to click on the button in Action centre to open up the settings.

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i click it and i got settings like in screen shot. i cant switch on or off comodo firewall. see screen shots plz.

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It shows Comodo Firewall and Comodo Anti Virus are switched on.

Why would you want to switch Comodo Firewall off? You can’t switch it off in Action Center.

i dont want to switch off comodo firewall but how i can do switch off.i just want to know

i should know about comodo firewall that how to switch on or off.

For what purpose do you want to switch off Comodo Firewall? For testing? What is the problem you are trying to solve? Let us know so we can think along with you to try to fix it.

i just want to know how to switch off comodo firewall

2 firewalls in pc will create problem so may be i switch off comodo firewall and switch on windows firewall.i want to know how check how to switch off comodo firewall.

can u plz tell me?

To switch off the firewall go to Firewall → Firewall Behaviour Settings → General → now move the slider to the bottom.

To completely disable Defense + go to Defense + → Defense + Settings → General → tick “Deactivate Defense+ permanently (Requires a system restart)” and reboot.

thanks so much. i understand now.

i am confused in 1 more problem

i buy new notebook and i got licensed escan internet security suite by dealer.

i am so confused that i use licensed escan or free cis

i got licensed escan so i m thinking to use it.i m so confused that what i use.

please tell me.

do u think escan is good or bad?

I am not familiar with the product. I have never heard of it before.

From CIS I know it does a very good protection job and that’s what I would use.

Please don’t install escan and CIS side by side. Running two firewalls and two av programs at the same time is not recommended as all sort of things can happen.

ok thank u. i will not install escan.

i m using free cis.

very good internet security i found.r u using free cis or paid internet security pro 2011


can u plz solve my problem in

thank u