I recently installed comodo and after all that, i went to play my online game, and i think comodo messed with it cause everytime i try to start it my computer shuts down. can someone please help me in this problem???

Try going back by using Last Know GOod Configuration. When booting the computer starting pusing F8 towards the end of the BIOS routine until you see a screen with boot options. Then choose LKGC.

When that doesn’t help use the F8 procedure and boot into safe mode. In safe mode start CIS. When it starts (never tried this) go to Defense —> Computer Security Policy → now delete the rules for the game you used and reboot.

Before starting the game set D+ Clean PC mode and Firewall to Safe Mode. This way CIS will learn the rules without interfering.

Is that game using Punkbuster or something similar. Delete the rules for that program as well in the described process.