Comodo "Help" / "What do these settings do?" causing CPF to have to close.

I just upgraded to cpf-3 with defense+ and ever since when I click on the, “What do these settings do?” on the “Firewall Events” page or click on the “Help” tag in the Miscellaneous section I get a popup saying that CPF has encountered a problem and needs to close. The “close” box on the popup has to be clicked in order to get rid of the popup which causes CPF to close.
I didn’t have this problem before I upgraded and got the Defense+.

I’m a 67 yo male that can get around a computer fairly well and do most things I want to do but I know nothing about how to get a firewall to work and I do better being shown how to do something than trying to figure out printed instructions. I have a feeling this may have something to do with setting a rule but the printed directions I have seen on the subject is way over my head. I couldn’t find anything with the search feature that addresses my problem.
Is this a glitch, something I have done or need to do or what? ???
I am at my wits end and I really love CPF and the new defense addition and would hate to go back to the old version, but with it I didn’t have to do anything for it to work properly and I have never been concerned with being detectible. :frowning:

Hi Yvsa

Welcome to Comodo foums

There should be a patch sometime this week to fix this known problem. If you need to use “help” click on the .chm file in your Firewall folder, that should work until it is fixed.


Many thanks John! :SMLR So it wasn’t something I had done or didn’t do after all. Whew! :BNC

Someone said that opening the .chm file from the CFP directory using Explorer works. Not convenient, but a work-around.