Comodo having issues whit some games

Hi. Im a comodo user from about mmm 3 years latelly ive recently installed my new comodo 2011 edition and ive having problems whit some games like for example s4league. it seems that the anti cheat programs used by these games enters in conflict whit the comodo system and i cannot do anything to solve this.

Ive asked for support in the game forums and they told me to change my antivirus/firewall comodo to another trademark.

So i am asking, May you can explain this to me? Does the comodo system haves any problem whit the x trap or any game in especial?

Thanks for your time

Set Defense+ in Training Mode and run games you have problem with. After you finished, don’t forget to set it back on the higher level.

Defense+ might have blocked the game. Please check the defense+ events and add the game file to trusted.

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums S4leaguer & Grand :slight_smile:

Before I jump to give advices and other fun stuff I would like to see your d+ logs (CIS → d+ → view d+ events)

Valentin N

What’s the name of the anti-cheat program?