Comodo has to develop an online virus scan

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   Comodo has to develop an Online Virus scan facility that will enable a user to download virus definitons from the Comodo website and scan his computer. If one's computer is already infected with some kind of threats, it wont allow installation of any Anti-Malware including Comodo security Products or Symantec Products. 

I believe this will help comodo to bring more trust in Users.

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Have you seen this scanner? Anti Virus Scan | Free Online Scanner to detect Viruses and Spyware

Anything like submit the files - and getting results about the threat found by mail ?? in the CIS there is an option to submit the file for analysis by comodo expert, if we have any option to include the email address in that it’ll be great to get the result. We are curious to know the result :slight_smile:

Nice idea, have you put it on the wishlist? :slight_smile:

Wishlists ?? Donno where to add.

MuthusrinivasaN :slight_smile: