COMODO has serious challenge from Online Solutions Security Suite

Heh, topic title is a parody after that Privatefirewall one but latest Matousec results put OSSS right in second place after CIS.
Anyway OSSS is not free and it doesn’t have a x64 version so I don’t care about it. All I want was to show something familiar…

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5years of developments o.O same way for comodo.

I like the orange colour.

i like the icon … :slight_smile:

I Like their interface. Seems pretty cool.

is old…

The program was still in Beta when this review was made.

Way too many questions for the average user. They also provide a lot of information. Still, if CIS incorporated that much information and that many options as some advanced option it would be nice. Definitely some offshoot of paranoid mode, but still using the whitelist, would be nice.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a review of the finished product.

Thanks to languy99 for the review and JoWa for the link.

I entirely agree with the verdict. It does a great job protecting the system but is way too talkative for any but the most advanced users. This product is not a serious challenger to CIS whatsoever as CIS can protect the system just as well but does not constantly bombard the user with questions about some of the most popular software on the internet.

I wouldn’t pay a penny for this software. I was hoping it would be better out of Beta, but it appears to be just as talkative. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would Proactive test shouldn’t based on amount of Popup. The product that display more popup isn’t always be the better product.

Looks like Comodo’s popup isn’t it ???

Note : Does it free and English version available ? I’ve seen the product site said they’re in Russian only.

Comodo always number 1

I have tried online security too… I think comodo give us more freedom to configure rules of Defense.

The explanation on each term of rules is too little. This cause user hard to undertand… ???


Why does it look so much like this:

Have you noticed this thread is over a year old?

No need to dredge up old topics.