Comodo has screwed things up

I’ve recently installed Comodo Firewall Pro. Upon doing this, no applications would run. I get a message that says something along the lines of me not having appropriate permissions to access the file. This holds true for nearly everything, control panel, explorer, browser, even the Comodo application itself. I don’t even have permission to shut off my own computer. The Comodo icon is not on the task bar either. Using XP SP2 Pro.

I can still get on the computer via another instance of the OS. How can I undo what Comodo has done?

I have exactly the same problem.

Please post a remedy urgently, the situation is desperate!

Many thnaks in advance!


Hi, you’ve posted in the version 2 help forum, but it sounds more like an old problem with version 3?

Hi there, if you are using version 3, do you know the version you are using? A while back Comodo released a patch that was meant to fix some bugs for version 3 and if you aren’t using that one yet perhaps we can get you there.

Once again, thats only if you’re using v 3.


Hi all, thanks for the replies.

You are right - I have installed ver3 - this is the file I installed: CFP_Setup_3.0.14.276_XP_Vista_x32.exe

I will do some more research here in the forum, and maybe it has already been mentioned. I had come across this post by searching for “locked out”, didn’t have the time to search much longer.

My problem is that I’m in the middle of nowhere (Darfur) with only a satellite internet connection. Now that I have screwed up my notebook, I have no more resources in the evenings (music, films etc), so I’m quite eager to get it back :slight_smile:

I’ll check back tmw, if there are already solutions for my kind of problem, you would be too kind to post the URL here.

Many thanks in advance

Ok guys, I have managed to settle my problem. Booted in SafeMode and uninstalled the firewall through the regular XP uninstall procedure. After a reboot, I could access my drives again, but Comodo was still set as active firewall in the security center.

I also proceeded to the other steps mentioned in this post, but still couldn’t get rid of it. Only after a system-restore I was finally back at my original settings.

Thanks again for all your help!