Comodo has just quarrentined just about every file on my hard drive - HELP!!!

I use the Comodo Free Internet security program. It asked to do an update, I clicked okay. It then complained it could not start Comodo and that I should run a diagnostic program. So I did, It found no errors and stopped. I restarted my PC and Comodo quarantined just about every file on my hard drive - all the video card software, all my Corel Painter software.Dozens of programs. I am trying to reinstate line item by line item, but the list just go son for ever. Tried uploading suspected files to Comodo to look at only to be told Server not responding

What the hell did you guys do?

I just spend an hour going through every blocked dn quarranteined file to indicate they are trustworthy. But it never stops. Eevry program I open get blocked or sandboxed.

Do I have to uninstall this ■■■■ to get things to work again?

Hi Ghealy,

Please check your PM and provide details asked for further investigation.
Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,