comodo has confilcts with explorer


ah you rely on localloop, no comodo see nothing.


PS: i have udp and tcp 127 monitor on

right here’s how it is.
procmon driver isn’t running,
uninstalled cfp removed reg entries,clean installed cfp,rebooted pc low & behold same problems,i can’t get any of the monitors to turn on either ??
even with security level at block all i can still access then intrnet,email


i get no intrusion with procmon11 legacy service.

might delete the driver?

i dont see the relation of procmon and open tcp IN?



Hang on… localloop? Do you mean localhost loopback? If so that has absolutely nothing to do with my question or danmiluk’s issue. The issue is explorer.exe spinning at 100% CPU when CFP is installed. CFP was installed previously without problems & this just started happening (after a reboot I assume?). Process Monitor (ProcMon) was just a diagnostic attempt (suggested by you!) & it doesn’t work.


Can you confirm the above please.

Also what additional security software do you have installed? Doesn’t matter if it’s active or not.

Also… when it started. Can you elaborate on when it started? Anything new installed? Hardware or software.

hey this all did inspire a thing,

regedit delete good ok,

devicemanager, show hidden devices, non pnp driver

might he must work there.


PS might make a new thread, there often traces of old firewalls,

and in network

no other security programmes instaled active or in active

tuesday morning (uk) no reason nothing installed nothing removed it just doesn’t make sense


what was your problem exact?



STOP! Please read my previous post & then post something relevant. Please.

This user has a serious problem. Let’s get to that & that alone. OK?

Did it happen on boot-up or was the system running at the time? Were you on-line? How did you notice it? What did you do initially?

i accept that rough tune,

still i think ya dont understand.

he said explorer exe turns 100% i said get procmon. no clue

then i said get procview, which tell usage.

no go?

we talk facts, or we blahblah,

if procmon cant tell what runs 100% nor procview then it isnt windows nt.


however i was nice, i keep out this thread

it happend on boot up,not on line at that point,it hang istelf


The answer to your questions are above this post.

Sorry, you felt I was rough. What do you think I do not understand? What does “no clue” refer to? By “procview” do you really mean PrcView or, perhaps, Process Explorer?

i have been on this all and out of programmes & place on my pc i’ve not been in ages,

if procmon cant tell what runs 100% nor procview then it isnt windows nt

this comment from mike is possibly relevant had a look at my system properties on the general tab & i’m sure it xp sp 2 on it doesn’t going to try & resolve that buy updating it
what do you think cause i’m lost


kali, im not sour of you, hey you took me in reality for a dsicontinued product v2.4 .

dammiluk, might deinstall comodo, move pc from wall- power-plug, leave it alone a night,

might it works then again, might the evil shock hazzard riddle got you.


but thats i talked here

i re installed sp 2 don’t know where it went to but didn’t make any difference.

everything is good after i found somthing in my start up i’ve googled it but to no avail

xrt_jjvc.exe this file was created on the first day i was having trouble now where this has come from i have no idea placed it in the bin removed it from start up menu in msconfig rebooted pc

everything ran as if therre was no problkems what so ever

this was in a compressed folder called

i’ve googled that & could not find that either i maybe barking up the wrong tree but if this was designed to make you think that the firewall was the problem therefore forcing you to close it down then it has done its job
luckily enough i have been using another pc to be online extremly baffled by all of this any thoughts

thanks for your help

Let me get this right… xrt_jjvc.exe (in was being run on start-up. And xrt_jjvc.exe was created on the day the problems started? Sending the EXE and/or the ZIP (you were not clear) to the recycle bin resolved the problem. Is that right?

Is this “thing” still in your bin? Btw the recycle bin is not a safe place for bad things.

If so, take the EXE for a spin at & see what the main AVs make of it.

Where was the ZIP located?

Whatever folder it was located in (I’m assuming it was a Windows one) sort the folder on the Create date & see if it created anything else. Then do the same against the Modify date. Right click the column titles in Explorer to add/remove Modify/Create dates… depending on what you normally have.

Anything else in the ZIP besides the EXE?

xrt_jjvc.exe was being run >

msconfig-start up is where i found it,
removing the .exe file from start-up,resolved the firewall problems & the 100% cpu usage
the xrt_jjvc.exe & the were i c:\documents and settings
from were it came from i have no idea

uploaded it to jotti & comes back ok looks to be nothing malicious about but it was definatly that so i don’t know
nothing else in the zip file
the only thing that was done was my wife was checking her emails but i always thought a zip file has to be extracted


Jotti is good, but it doesn’t catch everything.

If you still have the EXE could you send it to me via the forums PM (Personal Message), I’ll take a look at it. Thanks.

Sorry, I forgot the email/ZIP bit. ZIPs… well, yes & no. It might not originally have been a ZIP. It really depends on the email client. Both Outlook Express (OE) and Outlook YYYY (Office version) have had a number of vulnerabilities in the past. But, I don’t know where it currently stands… not been keeping up. Knowing MS… there are probably still regular fixes for them.

hi kail i can’t seen to find the insert file tab on forums pm

any idea