COMODO has an amazing CEO

First and foremost, it’s been ages since I made a topic on these forums so I apologise if this is in the wrong section.
I’m just writing this topic to confess my admiration for Melih, he’s such an amazing person and CEO and has made quite a remarkable company. It’s not every day that you see a CEO of such a giant company such as COMODO actively respond to dang near every single topic on his forums and help common users such as myself with our problems / issues. I’ve been using COMODO for 7 years now and I’m truly thankful for this great experience. Thank you COMODO staff and Melih. :azn:

I share the same opinion !

Thank you Melih for all the amazing security programs you provide for free to make the online world a more secure one. :SMLR :■■■■

A CEO’s job is to look after company’s customer and its users. Just doin my job :wink:
Its a pleasure to serve you guys!

Melih is the best! :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU

When I lost my faith on studying… I watch his videos on YouTube. He is not just a security company CEO.
He has many experience and he gives very good examples from real life. I admire him!

I hope, one day, I can meet with him, talk with him! People have their own favorite singers or actors.
My favorite star is Melih 8) (CNY)