Comodo GUI crashes completely at click on application name

Since a picture says more than a thousand words, I just post the image :slight_smile:

See attachment for more information.

This bug exists since Beta 2.

* Intel C2D E6750
* Vista x64 SP1 English
* See image
* No idea what to
* Defense+ on Safe Mode. Doesn't matter what I select, since it also crashes at Firewall.
* No reboots
* Administrator account, UAC disabled.

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edit: woops I’ll create my own thread

This happens only on Vista, not XP. Tested Vista & XP… Crashes on Vista…


Not according to:;msg209104#msg209104

I really hope this will be fixed ASAP. I don’t care if a new version is released few days after the final, but this bug is just a too big bug for a final version.

It was an RC/Beta he was using…

But depends what type of XP a person has… 32/64 home/pro…I have x32 XP Home.


“I had experienced the same issue on WinXP x64”

And like I said, this bug has been there since Beta 2 (First one I tried), so that didn’t matter at all.
I hope the right person reads this and fixes this asap.

Hi Guys,

This happens only in some 64 bit computers. We are aware of the issue and will be fixing it shortly.


I get this GUI crash on Windows XP SP3.
I log on to my PC, wait until everything loads, click on the Comodo Icon in the tray and this happens…

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Hello egemen,

Thank you for your reply. Finally someone from Comodo Staff (:HUG)
Any info on how shortly shortly is? Like a week? I really hope this will be fixed asap since it’s VERY annoying.

Look Here
Hopefully it will be fix then.

I hope this will be fixed tuesday as well.
I hope egemen can give some more info on this.

This is not a 64 bit computer I’m using.
This is from XP SP3 x32
I just posted in this thread because it was about the GUI crashing

You need to start a new thread, this bug is different than mine (Try to read the topic title next time).

I didnt want to start another thread about the GUI crashing since I already saw this one and “read the topic title”.
If the moderators would like then I will gladly start another one.

Naw its good having same stuff in same threads for bug reporting.

Atleast we know it will be fixed.


Think it’s a bit (if not completely) the same as the bug I’ve posted.

ehm…shuld it be…today?

i still dont see any updates…checked it almost whole day…no update…no update

Check for updates in CIS or see here. The bug is now fixed! :slight_smile: