Comodo green Pc?

Lol wtf? 88) (:LGH)


I’ve asked them if it was about underclocking or so. This =

Its not about Underclocking. Just some settings like setting Time limits for HDD power consumption, USB, PCI Express, Display and Wireless Adapter sleep positions during the time which is not been used.


So I quickly tested it out, they offer :

  • changing power settings within the control panel
  • changing screensaver to blanc
  • then they advise you to shutdown devices you don’t use : printers etc. and to reduce your brightness of the screen.

Good newbies stuff… Nothing for me :wink:


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Melih can you make Live support mow my lawn to pls!!!


I think I need to do that right now. :-TD At least I have a “standing mower” (not a riding mower, but a faster, nimbler one, and you stand on something that pulls you along behind it). :-TU

IMO if Comodo’s tech butlers were busy will real pc problems they wouldn’t need to add this extra “feature”.

Maybe I ask if a Comodo PC ButlerTM can make my forum posts for me…

Guys, it’s not about environnement. It’s about bussinesses losing less money for electricity by these simple things. A normal user won’t really feel the difference, but companies will


Everthings GREEN nowadays, except that is for stuff that is Blue,Red,Black, or even Pink!!! (:LGH)


How much would it save to turn the PC off when people leave the office? (in majority of cases they dont’ turn it off). Does anyone have any calculation on the actual $$ cost to the user? (i think we should calculate all the costs here…any volunteers pls?) Of course once you calculate the $$ cost to the user, then calculate the amount of coal that has to be burned to produce that electricity, calculate how many trees has to be grown to soak up all the CO2 emanating from the coal you are burning. Its a double whammy… You are paying to pollute the environment! So keep the money in your pocket and save the environment. We should all do it, and for people who need help or automated tools, we have a service which can help.


I can try to that math lol ;D

All right here is my math: A 300w/h PC, Being turned on for 10 hours and 24, (¢/kWh) 6.820.

Each day for 10H:
10h x 0.2046 = $2.046

Each day for 24H;
24 x 0.2046 = $4.9104

At the end of a 31 day month 10h/day:
2.046 x 31 = $63.426

At the end of a 31 day month 24h/day:
4.9104 x 31 = $152.2224

(i did take into account that not ever month is a 31 day month!)

Now think this is just one PC, if 50 or a 100 are turned off when not in use it would save a company a lot of money.

A more effective way (And cheaper) Turn the pc off when your not using it.
It’s quite obvious that your taking avantage of the situation “Global warming” to promote your product…

@omletguy. You calculating how much Your Pc consumes while it’s turned on- It would be the same Even if “green pc” was used…

Melih can you please explain exactly what live support would perform on my pc to make it more eco friendly?

But my computer takes such a long to to turn on… ;D