comodo good enough?

Im a relatively new user to comodo internet security and im happy with it so far.
Is it as good as you guys say it is?
Is my computer very well protected by this program.
I know i probably should not ask these things especially on this forum but im just curious.
Ive seen very positive reviews and i like to feel i have the best free product i can get for protection.
Any views would be highly appreciated.

Regards. >:-D

check out my signature, I have tested every security suite in the world and comodo always rants in the top of all the tests I have done. It is one of the only free suites that can stop almost everything.

hi languy.
That is good enough for me.
Nice reviews by the way i am one of your
thanks for the response i just needed re-assurance.

Regards. ;D

if you want the best setup while being light and easy to use, choose my setup. Look in my videos for one called My Security 3 that is that latest one and it a very good setup.

I have written an article about how to configure it to be as strong as possible, while still being extremely usable. Please check it out.
How to Install Comodo Firewall


hi chiron,
yes ive seen your article and configured my comodo exactly the same.
If i understand this correctly this is to thwart certain ransomware trojans which on the face of it looks the worst piece of malware imaginable.
Many thanks to you for compiling this as i would never have known how to do this.
Kind regards to you. ;D

Hi languy.
Ive actually seen all of your excellent reviews and ive decided to configure my comodo as chiron described in his useful article.
Many thanks to you . ;D

that’s fine but I would still add on the extra things I have.

hi languy,
Yes i will watch your video again and implement your settings also.
Many thanks to you. ;D

Could you provide that info here? Sometimes it’s easier when you have a written record to refer back to.


i have been using comodo firewall with defense+ for the last couple years (since v 3.14) and i havent been infected. I do use any on acces antivirus so that tells you the power of defense+

I try to surf responsibly and luckily i have not encountered any malware yet.
But its certainly a solid statement to the effectiveness of this program when people like yourself have never been infected with years of using the program.
I think comodo will get better and better and for free who can possibly fault it when the features installed are looked at.
Kind Regards. :wink:

yes defense + is really effective at blocking malware. Comodo is always improving which is why i have never thought about switching to anything else.
i forgot to add that i currently have the sandbox turned off. when v6 is released i plan on leaving it turned on since it will have full virtualization.

i notice you mention virtualisation.
What exactly does CIS virtualise?
Im sorry if this is a bit of a stupid question but ive not been using CIS that long.
Is the entire operating system virtualised or just certain areas?
Many thanks. ;D

currently in CIS the automatic sandbox is restriction based, meaning the programs ran in the auto sandbox are only allowed to do certain things to your computer depending on the security level you have it set to. The current manuel sandbox is a fully virtualized environment like sandboxie but it lacks the functionality and features of sandboxie. In v6, egemen has told us that some programs ran in the auto sandbox will be fully virtualized. not much has been said about the new sandbox but im expecting it to have many more features and be better developed.