Comodo gone after install & reboot

On a test Windows 10 VM I already had the latest Comodo firewall installed. Since I’m on the quest of finding a new decent antivirus, I wanted to install Comodo antivirus on it as well. However, after the installation and reboot all I got was a dialog box about “corrupt installation package”, and I noticed that even the firewall was gone afterwards.
A bug?

Did you try to install Comodo Antivirus on-top or did you go to control panel and changed the Comodo Firewall installation to also include antivirus?

On top. I downloaded the setup file and ran it.

I don’t know what is supposed to happen when you do that but if I remember correctly the right way to do it is to change the installation through control panel, it’s possible that installing Antivirus on-top of Firewall would cause corruption but not sure.

OK, I’ll be more careful next time. Maybe this should be categorized as a bug, so that a user who attempts this at least gets some kind of a warning.

I then downloaded cispremium_installer.exe from the forum. But is this still a free product (antivirus+firewall) or does it expire in 30 days?

Yes, the premium version of CIS is the free version.