Comodo Global Rules

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Comodo had set rules about allowing IP to any IP etc about three of them in global.

but two rules saying not to allow ip to any ip etc.

How can I stop Comodo from making global rules automatically, and what rules should I put there for maximum protection. Have i exposed my internet connection to threats from te three allow rules, or was i protected from the blocking rules?

To get Stealth go to Firewall → Common Tasks → Stealth Ports Wizard → choose Block all incoming connections and stealth my ports to everyone else → Fnish.

Now your Global Rules are set to stealth. Now show us your Global Rules in a screenshot.

Incoming traffic goes to the Global Rules first. The basic rule is the block rule. All exceptions are being put above the block rule (CIS reads them from top to bottom). All incoming traffic is blocked unless there is a rule saying differently.

Outgoing traffic will see the Application Rules first. That is where you can block them. That’s why the IP Out Any is a proper Global Rule.