Comodo gives lots of FP`s of Voddler.

Hi! Voddler is service where you can watch movies for free leagally Problem is that Comodo is giving like 30 false positives when Voddler client program is trying to update itself. Writing them down would take forever so I take picture of them (via Comodo AV Events). Here is a link to the picture

Hello Alppis,

Please submit the detected files on Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis so we can check them and fix the False Positives if that is the case.

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Comodo AV gives lots of FP’s. And hope you know on the Antivirus Alert clicking on Clean & Disinfect deletes the files instead of trying to Heal & Repair the files as the Name suggests. If you want free AV, Avast 5 Free is the way to go. To exclude the FP’s in Comodo AV, click ignore on AV Alert and choose Add to Exclusion and submit the FP’s (If you think they are FP’s) to Comodo.



Sorry that I haven´t submitted those files for you but I really haven´t had time to do it. I updatet my Comodo IS Complite to 2011 version and it gives now only 2 FP´s so I submitted those files to you.