Comodo gets stuck on "Comodo Firewall Pro is being initialized" in task bar

Hi all:

After I boot my pc, (Windows XP Home), when I hover over the Comodo icon in the task tray, sometimes it says “being intialized” and other times it says it is basically on and ready (I forget the exact message here). When I log on my dial up ISP, Comodo does appear to be working but still maintains that “being initialized” message when I hover the mouse over the icon in the task tray.

What’s going on here??

Hi Will91
This seems to be a bug in the user interface on some systems. I’ve had it on one or two occasions, a reboot usually fixes it for me . Should be fixed in ver3
Here’s a couple of threads that might help,7055.msg51925.html#msg51925,7255.msg53401.html#msg53401