Comodo gets a very low C in my grade book

good fire, ok better than good.
good anti-virus scanner

typical shady, inempt, poor customer service
no phone support?
poor launch bad (shows 1 product; i have 4 comodo prods)
did i mention poor customer service
BOScanner, how do you make it scan
no hard copy of manuals (yea i know there are pdfs but i have a learning disability and need hard copy- no printer here either)

prolly more later…

You can always ask for your money back. (:WIN)
Seriously, you have some valid points. The good news is it will only get better.
BOScanner? Are you referring to Comodo BOClean?
The scanner wasn’t really supposed to be a public function and isn’t all inclusive.
It’s used for malware submitters to filter out redundant submissions.
Drag a suspected file into the gui that appears when you alt. click on the icon in your task tray.
You can access the BOC support docs here:

so it doesnt scan?

It monitors the memory. It catches the nasties in real time. Its a different technique than file scanners. You can read the BOClean threads for more information pls.


Hi NYCBlond37
Very few products come with hard copy manuals, haven’t seen a one for years. All manuals for products I have are either online or pdf.

Hi NYCBlond37

First welcome to these forums.

Then I must admit i am a bit surprised by some of your posts.
From where i am, when (and if) someone go out and give first grade vanilla ice cream, the last thing you should do is to complain about them not having your flavor.

I may be misreading some of the post you have made, but this is the impression that it left me.

You may know that comodo is releasing free product in order to get better known in the security field. Because of they are relatively new player in the field they are not as general audience as Norton or McAfee. I do believe ( but may be wrong) that must user here are poster on different security forums. Because of this, most of the comodo program users already have some technical knowledge about anti virus, firewall etc. That background knowledge may explain why extensive help file with lot of screen shot and vulgarization does not exist yet. Many user here would prefer to “play” with the application than reading a manual

Some of your question make me suppose your are new with some of the tools offered.
So then i guess Comodo have acheived the goal of being better known by general public.
This is good. So again … you are welcome here :wink:

Most of comodo product come preconfigured with good settings.
So a manual isnt necerly an must.
You do not need to change default setting unless you have technical knowledge that suggest you that a particular setting is better.

One of the thing that help better interact with a group is to learn it’s background.
Comodo offers many new product. Yes they need some more work to act as an unified group. But now they “just work”. Also many comodo users are alergic to bloatware. This is why there will alwais be separate installer.

Hope i helped you.
And yes i know i can’t spell, english isn’t my first language.