Comodo Geekbuddy Antivirus Alert in CIS

By default, when you install CIS, and a threat is detected by the realtime scanner, you will recieve a geekbuddy alert telling you that you can get help removing the threat or clean it by yourself. Though CIS is set to auto quarantine and selecting “No” will allow CIS to remove the theat.

My Question is, is there a way to get rid of these alerts so novice users don’t press yes and trigger Geekbuddy installation? I know that I can visit the Eicar page and then press “No” while checking “Do not show the alert again”, but this is tedious to do upon every CIS setup.

I don’t think it’s possible, I’ve gone through the settings of CIS several times but can’t remember such a setting. As far as I know you have to first encounter a malware or something detected by the AV part of CIS and then like you said check in the do not show again.

Edit: Perhaps it’s something for the wishlist?

I know CIS is free and Ads like this are to be expected, but I feel this is more of a nuisance. It can be really confusing for people who are new or novices.

Please add this to the wishlist and make a poll for it.

I did please voice your opinion there and vote.