Comodo Gaming Security (CGS)

I was a cyber cafe owner. Most likely all online game got hacks user. They exploited the game bug or created file for easy win againts others.

For example; in Sudden Attack Online Game developed by GameHi. It’s got so many hacking like aimbot, waller (can see enemy thru wall), speed hack (fast moving) and so on. (May be Comodo can send a business proposal for them to solve this matter). May be CGS handle for STEAM Game also.


CGS will let me know if there was hacks user in the game. I know we can stop them because the data is on the game server.

What do you think ?
Is’t imposible to make CGS true ?

dont thinks its comodo responsibility to moderate
people cheating in games
its up to the game admins
and anti cheat coders issue


CGS will let me know if there was hacks user in the game. I know we can stop them because the data is on the game server.

Now that’s a interesting idea :-La Also, I never did see the point in cheating, it kind of takes some of the fun and experience out of it :-\

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What comodo could do it to see the cheat program as malware and that way the cheat program won’t work. you also have to contact the game admin; it’s in their interest to fix such problem. Nprotect is anti cheat program that you can recommend.

I also suggest that gamers play on a limited account such as guest account.

Valentin N

some cheat can overflow you, you lag as hell and have to wait for the gamecrash. Comodo can’t prevent such of adress memory. btw if you want a program thats stop all injection … CIS can do it.( or limited account )
you can also be banned to the game if the antivirus do some paged memory. ( rare but not impossible )

the best way to stop cheat … is server sided. ( league of legends, heroes of newerth ) + lots of update.

My Sudden Attack Server got NProtect but it’s also failed to stop the hackers. I believe it’s compare either game files on our computer same as original but hacker can easyly swap the original files with the ■■■■■ files after the comparison.

However, after new pacth & Seoson 2 launched, i face no hacker aorund but still aware if waller (see thru wall) is around.

At first I thought that this sounds like a good idea however…

The product HAS to be installed server-side only. You cannot guarantee that all users of that game will have CGS installed (unless it is mandatory to play the game). As long as the software runs on the user’s side, it is hackable. I do agree that it is the game developer’s job to make sure their game is hack-proof.

I recently played Quake3 Online and they solved their hacking by using a third party application called “punkbuster”. This works together with their code to kick off the ‘punks’. Also Quake3 Online simply will not run without punkbuster (or with a modified version either).