Comodo FW v5 won't update

I have Comodo FW (not CIS) installed on several computers.
Version 5.12.256249.2599.
I use the internal updater, and on all three machines the results come back, “Your product is currently up-to-date”.
How can that be?
I thought CFW was up to v6.
Please advise if you have solution or input.

Hi fracTure,
Automatic program updates are not available for V5.X users, an update package is available at the bottom of the opening post in the following topic.
COMODO Internet Security 6.3.294583.2937 Released!
Kind regards.

Hi captainsticks,
Thank you very much for your reply.
I want to point out that auto updating is a setting in Preferences, and also that I was not relying on that setting, but instead I was clicking on the manual updater that says ‘Check for Updates’.

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Hi fracTure,
Apologies for my incorrect (Obscure) wording. :-[
I should have said ‘automatic or manual program updates are not available through the programs in-built update function for V5.X users to V6.X’.

Thank you for pointing out my error. :slight_smile:
Kind regards.

I am surprised that the program’s internal updater takes a user through the updating process step-by-step, ultimately informing the user that he is up-to-date, rather than either having the feature grayed out or provide a more correct result, such as, “This feature is not available”. In essence, the program is totally giving out false information in the way it handles the updating process, telling a user he is up-to-date when he is not.

The 3 updating steps produce the following results from the program:

  1. Please click ‘Start’ to initiate updating process.
  2. Checking for updates…
  3. Your product is currently up-to-date.

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Those using CIS version 5.12 will not be informed that there is an update. Originally the reason for this is that there were significant issues raised about the new UI, and a large number of bugs to fix.

However, now I believe version 6 is stable. Thus, I’m not sure why it has not been pushed to the version 5 updaters, but it has not.

For the time being the only way to upgrade from V5 to V6 is to either uninstall version 5 and install version 6, or use the upgrade installer (as referenced by captainsticks).

Hello Chiron,
Thank you for your helpful reply as well.
I am relieved to hear that I can use an upgrade installer instead of having to go through the convoluted uninstall process.
My hope is that all settings will be retained.
From your vast experience and knowledge, Chiron, should I do anything prior to executing the installer, to make the upgrade as smooth as possible?
Note: I have bookmarked your ‘How to Install Comodo Firewall’ tutorial, and have used it previously. :-TU

I would recommend exporting your configuration prior to trying the upgrade. Technically all settings should be retained, but this way if something goes wrong you have the configuration exported.

Will do, Chiron.
My thanks again to you and captainsticks both.
You guys do a terrific job around here and we’re fortunate to have access to your experience.

Edit: Oh, I almost forgot… can you guys kindly point me to the release notes so I can see the version changes since 5.12? That would help me immensely.

Hi fracTure,
The upgrade package page shows quite a lot of what to expect with the changes to the GUI.
Upgrade package page
Unfortunately the release notes do not show a comprehensive list of all the bug fixes.
Release notes

Hope that helps.

Looks like a learning curve up ahead.
Would have been nice to upgrade without having to familiarize myself with a brand new GUI, but that probably sounds like complaining, and I don’t mean to do that.
I guess it’s an industry-wide way of doing things… change the interface as soon as the users appear comfortable with everything! :wink:

Thanks for the links, captain.

You are welcome fracTure.
Definitely a learning curve required. :slight_smile:
There have been some mixed responses about the new GUI and its functions, but over all it is mostly a positive transition IMO.
The help file is a good friend to help familiarize with a severe change in a product.
Introduction to Comodo Internet Security
Kind regards.

Quick report back that so far, upgrading from 5.X to 6.X has gone exceedingly well on the two machines I have tried it on.
Certainly all of the assistance I received here has a lot to do with that outcome.
My safety net is creating a new image prior to each upgrade, so that I can restore within minutes if something goes sideways.
One more computer to upgrade, then I’m good.
I am wondering, however, if the internal updater will function on 6.X whereas I learned that it was not functional on 5.X?

Edit in: Make that 3 of 3 successful upgrades! I think it says something about the way the program is written that it will allow an upgrade over-the-top without so much as a single glitch, in multiple attempts. Thanks, Comodo!

Actually, the internal updater is working correctly for both. For whatever reason Comodo has not yet told the internal updater for V5 to give users the option to upgrade to V6.

I’m not sure why the decision to offer the update to V6 has not yet been made, but it is not a fault of the updater itself. After upgrading to V6 the internal updater will offer you any additional upgrades that become available.

I understand your point, Chiron, but you’re putting way too fine a point on it.
The purpose of the updater is to retrieve updates for the user. Whether it is technically the fault of the software, or of the humans who feed data to the software, is of no real concern to the user who wants the most current version. In that respect, I would classify the internal updater as a combination of whatever events are necessary in order to achieve the end results for which it was designed. The updater process failed, and I can’t sit here and tell you that it matters to me that it was a human’s decision that caused the failure.

Hi fracTure,
Glad to hear that you had 3 out of 3 successful upgrades. :-TU

Chiron was just trying to point out that V6 was never designed for unknown and unfortunate reasons to update from V5 and that it was not an error in the V5 updater itself, but more so in the V6 program.
I do agree that not updating V5 to V6 through the updater is a fail whether the error was intentional or not, it is a human error. :slight_smile:

Kind regards and all the best with V6.

I don’t have the internal updater set to auto-update. I like to periodically check manually.
With that in mind, where do you suggest is the best place for me to get the news on the release of a new update? (Probably should have researched that a bit myself before asking you) :slight_smile:

In the top section of this page there will always be an announcement topic for the most recent version.

TY! :-TU