Comodo FW v5: Icon menu help

As a first time user of Comodo Firewall v5, I thought it would be useful to have a little bit of extra help (why refer to manuals, when information can be made available on-screen!).

So when I right-click the Comodo icon, I would be a good idea to have Help menu items in each menu and sub-menu. For example, I can figure out “Firewall Security Level” and “Sandbach Security Level”, but I have no idea what “Defense + Security Level” refers to in practice. Either a help menu item leading to an Internet page, or a (?) Pop-up menu next to each item, would be ideal.

Likewise, the “Firewall Security Level” options: Block All, Custom Policy, Safe Mode, Training, and Disabled, could do with a one sentence explanation.

Contexual help like this would help novices learn the product far more quickly, and without having to contact technical support!