Comodo FW take 1.3 GB RAM


I would like to ask you. I have latest windows 10 64b. I installed CF latest version today and I have few problems. Sorry for my English.

  1. CF has about 1.3 GB RAM and still grows. I reinstalled it but it did not help me.

  2. When I reinstalled CF again CF has very high CPU use about 90-100%. And problem with RAM is still there too.

  3. I reinstalled it few times but it did not help me.

  4. I tried install windows 17763 but there is stil the same problems.

Please can you help me? I had to uninstall CF because my computer is dead with CF.

Which process is the culprit? Provided screenshot is not so helpful.

I do not know because I had to uninstall Comodo because it slow down my PC. But if you mean some process in task manager there is no process with high CPU load. But total load CPU was 90-100%. When I uninstalled CF the problem was gone.

Did you run Task Manager as Administrator?

The culprit process must be cmdagent. Out of the 4 Comodo processes, only one of them has an arrow to the left of the process when viewed in the task manager.

I installed CF again. I thought the problem was goneā€¦ but it is back again. I noticed the problem probably appears when lms.exe wants to the internet. I blocked it and cmdagent.exe has about 800MB about one minute and CPU was loaded about 80-90% (lms.exe 30%, cmdagent.exe 30% and something what I forgot). I switch OFF firewall (I use custom ruleset) and high CPU use was gone. CF in RAM went down from 800mb to 480mb.

I hope you understand.

You should uninstall Local Manageability Service if you do not need it as it appears to be a bug in lms as stated here.

The problem is back today:).
I do not know if I need it. I do not need it but I do not know if my notebook need it or do not need it. I have Dell Lattitude 5540.

I had a look to add or remove programs in windows and there is no Local Manageability Service. Where can I found it?

Ok try updating the Intel Management Engine Components from your product support page here and I would also update the BIOS too.

If after updating issue still persists, I would find the services and disable them either in msconfig32 or services.msc

There is only this things for Intel. Please have a look at the attachments. I think this is it: Intel(R) Management Engine Components Installer - vPro

but it is very old. From year 2015.

I switch OFF LMS services in Windows.

There is the non-vPro one which I will link here, also did turning off LMS service fix the issue?

There is only this version Intel(R) Management Engine Components Installer - vPro for my notebook (according my serial number) and it is from 2015. Your link is not for my laptop.

When I switched OFF LMS service it looks good for now.