Comodo FW shuts off Comodo "On Access Scan"

Has any one else experienced this problem?

When I have the “Advanced Attack Detection” of COMOD*O Firewall configured to “Block all outgoing connections while booting,”

I receive the error message “Comodo Antivirus encountered an error”; Number - CAV003; Description - On Access Scanner failed to start. (See Attached JPG)

I must then go into the Launch Pad, Select “AntiVirus”, click on “Show Application Window…”, and then manually turn on the “On Access Scanner”

Can something be done to turn on the Anti-Virus AND the Firewall prior to connecting to the internet?


Product Information
Build Version:
DataBase Version:
AllowDB Version:
Program Updates Version:

Program Files Information

System Information
Operating System: Windows XP
Operating System Version: 05.01.2600
Service Pack: Service Pack 2
Internet Explorer Version: 06.00.2900

Hardware Information
Central Processing Unit (CPU): Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz
Total Memory: 2046MB

Hi, and welcome to the forum.
Have you tried to check the “skip advanced security checks” in misc tab in the application monitor rule for your AV’s exe’s?

I can’t find what you said to look for. I checked AV and cannot find a “misc tab” much less a “skip advanced security checks”.

I’m afraid I’m going to need a walk-through.


The instructions/settings was for setting in the firewall.