Comodo FW registry keys - access denied

While performing a search in regedit I noticed that the program was hanging (“not responding”) and after a few tries I realized the problem lay in some registry keys which trigger error messages as:

“… cannot be opened. An error is preventing this key from being opened. Details: Access is denied.”

This causes registry searches to become quite longer than usual because I have to wait for the program to issue all the error dialogs and close them one by one.
If I’m not mistaken, the involved keys seem to be related to the Comodo Free Firewall I have installed.

They are, for example:
CmdAgent (and its subkeys), CmdAgentProt, cmderd, cmdGuard (and its subkeys), cmdhlp, cmdvirt

Shall I infer something is wrong with my Firewall installation?

It is Comodo’s self-defense technique that protects Comodo’s registry keys and also Comodo’s files on the file system to avoid tampering.

This thread is related to yours:

Thanks for your answer.
I had assumed (and actually hoped for) some… reassuring explanation like that.

Which, however, arises another question:
once Comodo FW is installed, has any regedit search throughout the whole registry necessarily to be stuck for a while at each Comodo’s registry key?

Or is there a way to avoid that annoying inconvenience?

Since I don’t have CIS V12 installed at this moment (I’m waiting for bugs to get fixed) I can’t say or test if any other program like regedit gets stuck for a while when reading throughout the whole registry at reading the Comodo keys, I would like to know that answer too.

I surely know that there is a way to switch off this Comodo self-defense mechanism but I’m afraid that Comodo staff or mods or devs won’t tell us how to do that. I would like to know too how to switch off this self-defense just to be able to take full control over my own machine in case I need it.

If you ever get to know the answer how to switch it off please let me know too…

Hi ocrami,

Thank you for reporting, we will reach you through Private message to get required information.

Hi C.O.M.O.D.O RT,

If this “access denied” reading error issue of Commodo’s registry keys can be prevented in some way (that is, just allowing read only access to the keys and thus making them visible) would you than be so kind to share the solution to this issue with the CIS community?
Many people are system experts and need to scan their registry for several reasons without getting stuck at “access denied” reading errors on the Comodo keys.
If this issue could be fixed in a next CIS release that would be great of course.
Either way, could you please let us know how to prevent these “access denied” reading errors on the Comodo keys or what will/must be done to fix it?

Thank you.