Comodo FW Preventing Full Installation of Updates

I have a new netbook with with Windows 7. However, my netbook was unable to fully configure the SP1 KB 976932 update. After wasting considerable time trying various solutions I was able to solve the problem by uninstalling the FW.

Now the update is safely installed would it be OK to reinstall the FW or will it interfere with the functioning of the update?

I also use Comodo on my PC with XP and I don’t think I’ve have had any similar problems installing updates.

Here’s what I do…
I set Windows update to check for updates automatically, but it asks me before it installs.

When I’m ready to install, I create a system restore point with Windows…disable Defence+ and the sandbox in Comodo…and then I install the updates.

Then I enable Defence+ and the sandbox.

I exited Comodo and disabled it via Task Manager; but the update would still not fully install (configure).

Will it be safe to reinstall Comodo or will it interfere with the functioning of the update?

I think this may have been a one off situation. See how the next update round goes. If it stalls again please let us know.

What process did you terminate? Terminating cfp.exe will not help; it is only the client program.

Probably D+ was in the way. You can disable it under Defense+ Settings by moving the slider to disabled. When that is not enough you can try the “Deactivate Defense+ permanently(Requires a system restart)” setting.

In task manager I disabled anything comodo related. The update prolem only occured with the SP1 update

No problem with the post SP1 updates? Do the D+ or AV logs bring any insight as to how CIS was in the way?

As I have uninstalled the comodo and the AV I am unable to check any logs