Comodo FW Only, Quarantine required.

Comodo FW Only i.e D+ Disabled, Only FW installed & the Cloud detection is there. I like the Cloud detection with FW Only but there should be a quarantine feature as there is no way to quarantine the threats. The alert only gives the option disinfect, ignore & clean & no quarantine as AV is not installed.

Attached is the screenshot.

Can anyone try this with real malware & confirm. I tried with harmless samples & Comodo FW Only gave Cloud AV alert for the samples.


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without the av there is no quarantine like you said. a quarantine option has been asked for many times. maybe in v6 it will be added.

OK, I tested Comodo FW Only (D+ Disabled) 5.5 latest version with zeroday malware & yes cloud detection is there. So quarantine feature is required.

By the way I tested on real system. I used sandboxie for this. I opened the sandboxed web browser & tested the zeroday malware links & clicked run on the download windows.

Is this safe?


at naren

make the settings right.
and cross your fingers :smiley:

even if i use it myself, i would not try my luck over the necessary.

I tested with sandboxie default settings.

“default” sounds and looks for me like “(de-)fault:smiley:

i would never choose it for any program.